Research Interest (研究分野)
  • オンライン学習サイトでのゲーミフィケーションの有効性

  • 日本人英語学習者の発音不安とコミュニケーション不安

  • ​メタ言語意識の重要性 など

Publications​ (出版文献)
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Conference Presentations (学会発表)


  • 2018.1.21 [アメリカ合衆国、ニューヨーク]

Barcomb, M. & Cardoso, W. (2019). Building Gamified Mobile Assisted Language Learning                          Materials: Stimulating out-of-class L2 speech. Paper presented at the MOBILE LANGUAGE                LEARNING EXPERIENCE International Conference in New York, NY.


  • 2018.1.21 [アメリカ合衆国、ニューヨーク]

Barcomb, M., Grimshaw, J., & Cardoso, W. (2019). I can do that!? Introducing teachers to the world            of customizable MALL resources. Paper presented at the MOBILE LANGUAGE LEARNING                  EXPERIENCE International Conference in New York, NY.


  • 2018.10.29 [アメリカ合衆国、デンバー]

Barcomb, M. (2018). Gamifying Moodle to Create Extracurricular L2 Speaking Opportunities.                      Paper presented at the annual United States Moodle meeting for practitioners and                            researchers in Denver, CO.

  • 2018.08.21[フィンランド, ユバスキュラ] Barcomb, M., Grimshaw, J., & Cardoso, W. (2018). Teachers as MALL Engineers: Adapting, modifying,                                                                       and creating mobile materials.Paper presented at the annual meeting of the European  Association of Computer Assisted Language Learning. Jyvaskyla, Finland.

  • 2017.08.24 [イギリス, サウサンプトン] 

Sheepy, E., & Barcomb, M. (August, 2017). Let’s gamify our class! Gamifying CALL materials without neglecting educational theory. Paper presented at the annual meeting of European Association for Computer Assisted Language LearningSouthhampton, UK.


  • 2017.05.30 [カナダ, トロント] 

Barcomb, M., Sheepy, E., & Cardoso, W. (August, 2017). Don’t Quit Now! Monitoring learner volatility and willingness to communicate in a gamified course. Paper presented at the annual meeting of Canadian Association of Applied Linguistics. Tronto, ON, CA.


  • 2017.03.21 [アメリカ合衆国, ポートランド]

Barcomb, M. & Cardoso, W. (2016, March) I’m not good at using computers! A case study about implementing gamified materials in Japanese EFL courses: Teachers’ perspectives. Paper presented at the annual meeting of American Association for Applied Linguistics. Portland, OR.


  • 2016.06.12 [デンマーク, オーフス]
    Barcomb, Mi., Barcomb, Ma., & Cardoso, W. (2016, June). Rock or lock? A gamified system designed to motivate Japanese junior high students to develop metaphonological awareness of onset /r/ and /l/. Paper presented at the quadrennial conference of New SoundAarhus, Denmark.

  • 2016.06.03 [カナダ, モントリオール] 

Barcomb, M., & Cardoso, W. (2016, June). Developing L2 Willingness to Communicate and Self-Regulation in a Gamified Course: Young Japanese Learners’ Perceptions. Paper presented at the annual meeting of Supporting Active Learning & Technological Innovation in Studies of EducationMontreal, QC.

  • 2016.04.09 [アメリカ合衆国, オーランド]

Barcomb, Mi., Cardoso, W., & Barcomb, Ma. (2016, April). But that's not on the test! A gamified online course designed to motivate students to speak English in Japan. Paper presented at the annual conference of the American Association for Applied Linguistics in Orland, FL.

  • 2015.10.23 [カナダ, モントリール]

Barcomb, Mi., & Barcomb, Ma. (2015, October). Gamifying Moodle for foreign language teaching. Paper presented at the Moodle Moot conference. Montreal, Canada.

  • 2015.03.21[カナダ, トロント]

Barcomb, M., & Cardoso, W. (2015, March). Skype Assisted Language teaching: The effect of Skype teaching on Japanese L2 learners’ English pronunciation. Paper presented at the annual meeting of American Association for Applied Linguistics. Toronto, ON, CA.